Vowel Party!

To get my daughter familiar with the vowels, we had a little vowel party! First we played this fun game with the Education Cube letter inserts. 5 sides of the dice were the vowels a,e,i,o and u. The sixth side was a chicken. We rolled the dice. If the dice landed on a vowel,we would say both the long and short sounds. If it landed on the chicken, we did the chicken dance. The chicken dance provided enough silliness to keep my daughter engaged in the activity for a long time.

We also added vowel stickers to our exploration journal, played with the vowel foam letters in the bathtub, and made vowel puppets.

Some things we didn’t do, but would be fun, would be to make letter pretzels with the vowels, and go on a letter hunt for the vowels. There are also some cute videos and online games at star fall.com!

My favorite part of our little party was when my daughter told me some of the letters were crying because they wanted to be vowels. My Boo has such a tender heart for her ABC’s!

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