Mini Science Explorations

Recently my daughter and I have dedicated a little time each day to a science or math exploration activity. We spend about fifteen minutes doing the exploration, then another ten to fifteen minutes recording our experience in her exploration journal. Here are some of the fun activities we have done so far!

Sink or Float, or as my Boo calls it “Drowned or Float”- gather a pencil, paper clip, wood chip, cotton ball, coin, feather, etc. Make predictions on whether they will sink or float then test your hypothesis!Drop or Float- gather tissue, paper, crumbled paper, paper clip, pencil, wood chip, feather, etc. Make predictions on whether they will quickly fall when dropped or float down….then test your hypothesis!
We have also spent time exploring our math scales and made some predictions on what items would weigh more or less, and what happens to the scale when an item weighs more. Tomorrow we are going to make predictions on items that are magnetic… It should be a blast!
Learning and teaching can be so much fun! Happy exploring!!!

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