Horses on Parade- learning the days of the week

My daughter is really into horses right now, and I thought it would be fun to use blank horses to teach her the days of the week! I found these for a buck at Michaels- but if you have a die cutting machine, you can make your own!!
As you can see, we named each of the horses one of the days of the week. They also have their own unique color. My daughter started coloring the black horse but as I have said earlier- she is not into coloring (but lucky for her Momma loves it!).
We have the horses line up like a parade, then we say their names together. Afterwards we will talk about the special things we do on each day, like Sunday is the day we go to church, etc. My goal is to have my daughter know not only the day names but the order as well.
My daughter loves to have the horses gallop and be “wild and free”, so I make sure that they have conversations like “Monday, have you seen Tuesday galloping anywhere?”, “Sunday you are SO lucky you get to be the leader of the horse parade”, and “Which horse is after Thursday in the parade?” They are a HUGE hit with my little girl!
We have used these horses to review colors in Spanish as well. Have fun creating lessons for your child centered around those things they love most. It really helps them get excited for learning!!!
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