Cut, Color, and Play! Fun with Scissors

My cute daughter and I had fun practicing her scissor skills. She loves to cut and gets better every time we work on it! Most of the time we practice cutting straight lines. But a few nights ago we had a fabulous time free cutting. I let my daughter cut out random shapes. Then we would decide what that shape looked like….a horse, a cat, a cave, etc. We did teamwork and colored the horse, cat, etc. (or in other words, I colored most of it since my kiddo is not into coloring …although she did help by coloring silky wings on everything!) the greatest part was playing with our handmade creations!
I would insert a picture of our masterpiece here, but my sweetie was so enthusiastic about cutting that she snipped our creations into tiny pieces. Hey, it’s more scissor practice! I can’t complain!

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