SPLAT! Fun Game for the Magna Doodle

My daughter recently upgraded her mini Magna Doodle to a larger one with stamps and she LOVES it! We have played several SPLAT games. I’ll explain what those games are in a minute. First, let me tell you the one thing you need to know when playing SPLAT… use one of the magnetic shapes to splat (or stamp out) the correct answer (whatever that answer may be- it depends on the game!) If you don’t have a Magna Doodle with shape stamps- no problem! Use a magnet from your fridge!
These are some of the SPLAT games we have played:
SPLAT all the letter “A”s, “B”s, ….etc

SPLAT the letters in alphabetical order
SPLAT the number 1,2,…..etc
SPLAT the word cat, dog, her name…etc
SPLAT the oval, rectangle……etc
The possibilities are endless!
We have had so much fun (and learning time) with this toy! Yay for unsuspected education! 🙂
Happy TEACHing!
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5 thoughts on “SPLAT! Fun Game for the Magna Doodle

  1. Sara

    Just wanted to let you know I linked to this for my Totally Tots post for tomorrow! I used to play this in my kindergarten classroom, but had forgotten about it until I stumbled upon your post.


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