Scripture Stories Book: Celebrating the Book of Mormon One Section at a Time

You know that feeling when you finish reading a book and you are left wanting more? You have fallen in love with the characters and have dedicated time in their world. For this reason, as a classroom teacher, I loved to celebrate books we had read. If it was acting out scenes from the book, coming up with games that the characters might have played, or writing and performing a readers theater based on the book. I love celebrating books!

It is no different now that I am a mommy teacher and reading books with my girl!

My daughter and I recently finished 1 Nephi. (For those who don’t know, it is the first book or section of the Book of Mormon.) Some may ask, why not wait and do a celebration when the entire book is finished? It is a big book for a three year old! And, you know, who doesn’t like to celebrate??
I wanted to somehow combine our celebration with documenting all her favorite stories that we had learned about.

I thought a homemade book of all her stories would be perfect!

I plan to divide her book into each of the sections of the Book of Mormon. That way all her favorite stories will stay organized.
Before the stories, I also plan to include a page that shows the important people of that section.

I plan to include details of the story that are significant to my daughter.
Would you like to start making a scripture book for your little one? Create your own pages or you can download the stories we used for 1 Nephi here. Some of the images were found on Living Scriptures website- a great resource that we love!

I also wrote a list of all short role plays that go along with each of her favorite stories:

  • Lehi leaves Jerusalem (packing up a suitcase)
  • brass plates (going to Laban, played by a stuffed animal, and trying to get the plates. Then running away from him. Then going back to get them.)
  • tree of life vision (eating fruit and calling out all the people we want to come eat it with us)
  • travel in wilderness, broken bow, and liahona (walking around with our suitcases, camping out in our play tents, pretend to break a bow while hunting, and finding a round ball outside the tent)
  • build a ship (use a cardboard box and pretend to build a ship. Then pretend that Nephi is tied up while the box boat rocks back and forth until he is untied)

Happy Teaching!

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4 thoughts on “Scripture Stories Book: Celebrating the Book of Mormon One Section at a Time

  1. Jen

    Keri! I was so excited to see your idea on Sugardoodle! You are so talented and I miss having you as Cody’s teacher! I treasure that year! (Especially, now that he is in Junior High) 🙂

    Thanks for the wonderful idea!

    p.s. Your daughter is soooo cute!

    Jennifer Lewis

  2. The Nielson's

    I saw your idea on sugardoodle a while ago and loved it. I am planning to start this for my 4 and 2 year old. I was so happy to see that you posted more of your pages. I would also love to hear your ideas on the short role plays that you do. Thanks for all of your ideas.


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