Making Words: Our Latest Mommy Made Book

I haven’t made one of these for awhile. It was SO nice to spend just a few minutes hours making a book for my daughter to practice her three letter words! The process took longer than I had thought- I wanted there to be just the right number of pages for the beginning, middle, and ending letters. Which meant pulling apart the blank flip book (I bought awhile ago from Bare Books) and arranging pages. Then I applied stickers which I promptly ripped off because they were not perfect. And then I started coloring the vowel pages yellow, which I did NOT like, which meant more pulling apart and rearranging of the book….
All for the final result, which I love.

Sure, the little pages are not all the same length, but I am pretty impressed with the outcome. We have had fun reading words with this little flip book, especially the silly words like mab and jum.

It took more time than I thought, but I love making books and instilling the love of reading to my little girl. 🙂

Happy Teaching!
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