Countdown to College Graduation

Those who know my little family may also know that my husband is attending a local university. After firmly deciding NOT to go to college awhile ago (gasp! I know!! A teacher’s worst nightmare!) he went back to school last year and will walk away with his BA in math this spring. I am SO proud of him. Not only does he go to school full time, but he financially supports our family with a full time job. And he has three calling in church. He does a lot for us! And I wanted to do something special for him, in return.

Then the idea came.
After spending 25 days counting down to Christmas, I thought…why not count down to graduation? There are only 15 weeks in a semester. 15 weeks until graduation. It wil be here and gone before you know it! We have recently had a family restaurant night that you may have read about in a previous post. It was SO much fun! My daughter put on her princess shoes, brought her purse, and was daddy’s special dinner date for the evening. I decided that our special countdown to graduation would be a special weekly daddy/daughter dinner at various restaurants. Of course we would be eating at home, but we would bring in the atmosphere (as well as the menu) from each of our restaurants.

Last week, at our first official restaurant experience, we recreated a local pizza parlor. The menu was our favorite pizza, root-beer in a pitcher, yummy garlic bread, and either a chef or garden salad. The dessert menu consisted of our favorite doughnuts from a nearby bakery.

glancing over the menus
My daughter gave me a penny from her wallet for the meal.
It was the best penny I ever earned
It had all the appeal as if we had actually paid money to visit these locations, with all the convenience of being at home. And we still get a fun daddy daughter date night in each week since my husband is on a very busy schedule (we see him two nights of the work week while he works from home- the other three days we don’t see him at all!)
It has been a lot of fun so far- one down, fourteen more to go!
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1 thought on “Countdown to College Graduation

  1. Eva

    This is a great idea 🙂 my husband works night shifts so we don’t see him for a good part of the week too, I think I’ll try this out, thanks!~


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