Montessori Christmas Ideas

What is one of the first things you think about when you hear the word “Montessori”? For me- it’s the learning area known as “practical life.” Maybe it is because my daughter and I focus most of our Montessori time on this subject. Or maybe because it is the most,..well…, practical!

I created a list of different practical-life Montessori activities you can do with your child during this fun time of year.

  1. Teach your child how to wrap presents. Provide them with several small boxes, wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and technical skill to get the job done.
  2. Using a small set of Christmas lights (found at Dollar Tree!) and a mini tree, teach your child how to wrap lights around a Christmas tree. (And if they bunch them all up and carefully smush them on the tree, praise them for trying 🙂 )
  3. I am not sure if this is considered practical life, but talk about the concept of charity and giving to others. Come up with a plan with your child to GIVE this holiday season.
  4. Write a polite letter to Santa and follow that up with a thank you card. Teaching manners is part of the Self Development category of Practical Life.
  5. Have your child help you hang the Christmas stockings on hooks.
  6. Use a holiday nutcracker to crack open nuts. My nutcrackers are strictly for decorative purposes, but it would be cute if you are brave enough to try!
  7. Prior to meeting Santa at the mall, be sure to teach your child how to introduce him/herself.
  8. And let’s hope this doesn’t happen, but if an ornament happens to fall and shatter, this would be a great time to carefully show your older child how to sweep up the fragments.
The list could go on and on- there are so many different practical life activities you could tweak for the holiday season!
Happy Teaching!
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3 thoughts on “Montessori Christmas Ideas

  1. gwenscorner

    having been a montessori teacher for the last 15 years, i was really pleased to find your blog and see the creative ideas you have and how you are incorporating the montessori methode in your home.


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