La Posada Christmas Traditions

La Posada started this week. This is a Mexican holiday that started December 16th and is centered around the Nativity. I thought it would be a great way to throw in some holiday Spanish learning!
Originally I wanted a whole day of Spanish games and activities, followed by making a homemade pinata and a big Mexican dinner where it would be mandatory to speak only in Spanish. My plans didn’t go quite as I expected (you know, with all that holiday hustle and bustle) but we did manage to do the following:
  1. Homemade Mexican dinner- it was delish! My husband made his first ever guacamole (which my daughter calls “bwack-a-woli” and was brave enough to try ONCE) I have the plainest of appetites and therefore was thrilled to see my daughter chowing away on chips with salsa and sour cream with her taco salad.
  2. After dinner, we got a surprise visit from Santa. He doorbell ditched us and just happened to leave a very cute little bilingual book Un gato y un perro (A Cat and a Dog). I swear my daughter thinks Santa only gives books! Anyway, Santa just happened to let me know that this was another great deal found in the scholastic book orders. Smart shopper!
  3. After reading the book, my daughter wanted to role play it. She was the gato and I was the perro, and we played out all the scenes. Including the part at the end when we became best amigos. 🙂

Happy Teaching!

and Feliz Navidad (from our casa to your casa)
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