Indoor Snow Fun

A few weeks ago, after a big snowstorm, I thought it would be fun to bring the snow indoors to play! I read somewhere out there in the blogosphere- I can’t remember where- about snow painting and I wanted to give it a whirl!

It was a different experience- painting on cold icy flakes. However, once the snow melted a bit we liked seeing the colors drizzle down the side of the rubbermaid.

We painted for about 10 minutes- which is great for my kiddo- and then dumped out the painted snow and got some fresh snow for the activity I knew she would LOVE- burying and unburying toy dinosaurs. I had to pull her away from this at dinner time. We used different small plastic spoons as little shovels to dig for the dinos. And the whole time my daughter made high pitch shrieks as the dinosaurs were crying for help. We had a lot of fun staying warm and playing in the snow!
Happy Teaching!

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