Cash Register and a Blog Gave-Away

I had the opportunity to do a blog review for CSN stores recently. My daughter is REALLY into pretend playing restaurant and store- so I thought a cash register would be the perfect tool!

I ordered the learning resource pretend and play teaching cash register. I chose this because of the educational tools it offered- a coin recognition slot to be precise. I took it out of the box and was really impressed with the size of the buttons and the overall look and feel of the toy. However, the cash register was not recognizing coins correctly. I contacted CSN stores and was able to receive another cash register. My daughter LOVES it! However, she loved on it a little too much and we were again struggling with the coin recognition slot working correctly. After taking it completely apart, my hubbie was able to sorta fix it…. it recognizes coins with about 95% accuracy. All in all, a great toy for kids- the coin recognition educational aspect is great in theory, but the register’s coin slot is not as durable as I would like. However, working with CSN was great and because I received the toy for only a few dollars, I am not complaining! And if you don’t care whether or not the slot will tell you if you have inserted a penny or a nickel, then this is a great pick for you!
CSN stores contacted me and allowed me to donate the first cash register that I had ordered. The next day I happened to hear of a family who lost both their jobs and was able to use it for Christmas. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

happy teaching!
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