Two Thanksgiving Painting Activities

I love painting! (minus the set up and clean up!) Last week we did a couple of Thanksgiving painting activities. My daughter painted a turkey and a vegetable/fruit wreath. I love that she loves to paint- especially since she has very little interest in other art activities. I just wish it was more accesible!
Here are some pics of the painting:
Two painting tips: Use a paintbrush that is the same color for each of the paints you will be using. This will help your child to remember which brush goes with each color. I also love using old tin foil muffin tins for painting trays- it keeps the paint so nice and organized! (Until the paint mixing begins- and then its all a mess!!!)

Putting the turkey together…

Our wreath of food! After making this my daughter told me it sure made her hungry! 🙂
I would be happy to share one or both of the Thanksgiving files with anyone who is interested- just leave a commet and let me know your email!
Happy Teaching and Happy Thanksgiving!
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