The Bibbety Bobbety BOO! Party and Halloween!

Well, our Boo Halloween/princess party was quite a smash! We had a great time decorating trick or treat bags, playing preschool Halloween games, and going trick or treating to several classrooms at the church. My daughter agreed to wear her Cinderella costume (she decided a week before Halloween that she wanted to be a cat instead of a princess. So there was a costume change prior to trick or treating! Luckily her cat costume fit perfectly from last year!)

My favorite party moments:
1. The dessert table. It was everything I pictured in my mind- I am happy I was able to bring to life this vision of mine!

2. Reading my Boo her special Mommy-made book. This book had everything important to my daughter- and I think it will be something she can treasure!

3. Playing Bibbety Bobbety, Bibbety Bobbety, Boo! (aka Duck Duck Goose) using wands with a bunch of three year olds. It was too funny to see them run haphazardly across the room. We all got a good laugh from this game!

4. The guest party favors- simple yet went great with our theme!

5. Opening lots of pink packages with dinosaurs inside! That’s our girl!
6. And most importantly, celebrating my sweet girl’s birthday! I love her curiosity, love of animals (prehistoric included), her want for ME to play with her, her bubbling personality first thing in the morning, and the way she sings the “abc’s” in a different order just to be silly.
Halloween side-note:
Room on the Broom is a darling Halloween book! We have a tradition of getting holiday picture books and this is a must-have for any Halloween book collection. Our other top Halloween book pick would be The Little Old Lady who wasn’t Afraid of Anything. We have read both these books countless times the past month!!!

As some of you know, my daughter’s birthday is on Halloween. We did all the partying/trick or treating stuff on Saturday, and Sunday was strictly my daughter’s birthday. We gave her a darling cupcake bathrobe, ate sticky cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and pretend played all morning before church. Her special dinner request was chicken nuggets, corn, and applesauce (of course she decided that she wanted a different dinner after that was prepared.) My daughter saw the recipe for this “blood juice” and she knew at once she had to have this for her birthday dinner. 🙂

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1 thought on “The Bibbety Bobbety BOO! Party and Halloween!

  1. ShaeMarie and Ryan

    Oh how I wish that we could have been there! It looks absolutely adorable and like such a fun time! You are so clever and have such darling ideas! I hope that she had a great birthday (I love that you set Sunday aside as just her birthday… that worked out perfectly!) What a fun age the girls are at! Love and miss you all!


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