My Favorite Things

I watched a little of Oprah’s favorite things this afternoon. I have to admit that I was a tiny bit jealous of some of those amazing gifts! As my mind was thinking about how fun it would be to have been a part of that lucky studio audience, I had a thought.
I was once part of an audience where a selfless young woman gave me my most favorite and treasured gift. The location was a small room. The audience consisted of seven people, including my husband and I. The gift, given by the sweetest and kindest of earthly angels, was my daughter. Without the love and sacrifice of our birthmother, I would not be the mommy I am today. I would not feel the deep JOY that I know now. I am so immensely thankful for this gift.
Top that off with my sweet husband and I KNOW that I am greatly blessed.
No plane ticket to Chicago required.

happy thanksgiving 🙂
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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. taylors

    thanks for sharing…I have a sister-in-law struggeling with a choice and I think adoption is great…but very hard. I am greatful that you shared so I could share this link with her.

  2. Stephanie

    Beautifully said! You guys are great parents and we all love Jackie! I also think it would have been fun to be in Oprah’s audience, But we truly are blessed to have kids in our lives they make us humble 🙂 Notice how Oprah doesn’t have the greatest gift(s).


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