Educational Toy Review

A little post to let you know that I have been given the chance through CSN (seriously, so nice!) to review another product. As a teacher I LOVE being able to receive an extra educational toy and check it out to see if it REALLY works, and how much learning actually takes place. My plan is to choose something that I can add to our restaurant playtime kit. (This is one of my daughter’s favorite things to role play right now!) I am thinking either more Melissa and Doug food sets or a cash register…. decisions, decisions! I am leaning towards a cash register JUST because CSN has one that has educational games and supposedly counts money! I found a website that has free printable menus that I want to download and laminate- and I also want to pick up some cheap serving baskets for this kit as well.

Back to the holiday planning… I love this time of year!

And if you are interested, they have some extra tall bar stools as well!
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