Bibbety Bobbety BOO!

This post is about the preparations for my Boo’s Halloween birthday party this year. Since she has shown interest in the Disney princesses, I thought it would be wonderful to have a princess/halloween party! So the theme was thought up long ago- Bibbety Bobbety Boo- it is just now that I am putting it all together! So here is a sneak peak of my party planning process:
Step one: Invitations!
Initially I had visions of handmaking festive invites with clever poetry, Cinderella pics, and a Halloween background.

bibbety bobbety boo

(daughter’s name) is no longer 2!

you are formally invited to a birthday ball

come in your costume, there is fun for all!

However, when you are really busy you come to a point where you need to simplify as much as possible. So this will be replaced by Dollar Tree invites (hey- they get the job done, right? Will people not have as much fun because the invitation was lacking in creativity? I am hoping the answer is no!) I have sat down with my daughter and come up with a list of friends. She pretty much likes everybody (except strangers and bad guys) so coming up with people will be no problem.

Step two: Decorations!
There won’t be a lot of time for party set up, so I am thinking of simple ways to spice up the party area. I want the focus of the decor to be a decorated dessert table ( I will come to that later in this post). For the table, I was going to make a “Bibbety Bobbety Boo Happy Birthday to You!” banner but it might be a bit long :). I have Halloween party decorations that we plan on using as well. Easy Peasy!
Step three: Party plan!
Of course a planner has a detailed plan of the activities for the party! For the Bibbety Bobbety Boo party, I have the following games/activities on our agenda:
  • As guests arrive, they will decorate a small trick or treating bag
  • I wrote a Mommy Made book for my daughter’s birthday (titled Bibbety Bobbety Boo, of course!) that my husband will read to the kids. It is a story about a girl named Boo and her adventures on her way to her birthday party. It is filled with some of her favorite things- from dinosaurs to lollipops!

    Click here to view this photo book larger

  • A friend of mine came up with altering the familiar Duck, Duck, Goose game to “Bibbety Bobbety, Bibbety Bobbety, Boo!” I thought I would get a soft wand that “it” could use. I also play the game with felt squares so that there everyone has a place to sit and there is no question where the child needs to go. So I might pick up some felt in Halloween colors for the occasion!
  • The kids will then go trick-or-treating with the bags made at the beginning of the party. Since the party will be held at our church, I can use some of the empty classrooms as “houses”. I have enlisted a niece and nephew to pass out candy for the little trick or treaters!
  • We will come back from trick or treating to attend the ball (dancing to Halloween and Disney princess tunes with bubbles). I have a back up “pin the spider on the web” game in case we have tons of extra time, but as I have learned- you usually don’t get through everything during a party!
  • Last thing during the party-treats and opening gifts! Which brings me to my next step….
Step four: Dessert table!
I am sure many of you have been to a baby shower, wedding reception, or birthday party where the central decoration was a dessert table or bar. That is the plan for this Bibbety Bobbety Boo bash! I have a festive tablecloth, and ideas for desserts including the following:
  • a castle of cupcakes
  • treat jars with candy corn, orange slices, pretzels, and other sweets
  • candy corn fudge
  • magic wand cookies
Does that seem like a lot of sweets on Halloween? I might cut down the treat table just for the amount of sugar these kiddos will get later that night!
Well, there is the start of our party plans! There is still a lot of work I need to do, but it is slowly coming together!! What are some of your favorite Halloween plans? Isn’t this time of year wonderful? It just comes and goes much too quickly!
Happy Teaching!!
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2 thoughts on “Bibbety Bobbety BOO!

  1. cathi

    Wow Keri, you are amazing! If only I had half of your creativity! The party sounds amazing, she is one lucky little girl to have you as a mama. Halloween time is the best!


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