Dino Learning- Our Expedition to Prehistoric Times!

Our first mini Exploration unit this month has been on dinosaurs. Funny thing- last September we were doing the same thing! A little repetition never hurt anyone! Here are some of the activities we have done together as part of our exploration:
  • played, played, and PLAYED with the plastic dinosaurs! This helped my Boo to learn the dinosaur names (we taught her the correct names of several of the dinosaurs) and their eating habits. Boo went through a “no way am I eating meat” phase thanks to T Rex. While we played we sorted the dinosaurs, role played with them, had them speak Spanish, talked about manners, etc.
  • visited a local dinosaur park again, and again, and again. . . This place is great for Boo because she can see full size statues of the dinosaurs.
  • we made a mommy and me book! Making another book with my daughter has been on my to-do list for a long time. I was so faithful at making her a book a month, and then my daughter became an active toddler and. . . well, my time disappeared!

I decided prior to making the book that I wanted this to be about her favorite dinosaurs and some interesting facts that SHE has learned about each of them. We went on a dino hunt at the Dinosaur park for all her favorites and I took her picture by each of them. I then printed the pics on sticker paper and let her add a picture to each page. Her favorite dinosaur has been Parasaurolophus:

Some dinosaurs were not at the dinosaur park (shock to me!) In that case, I just downloaded an image of that particular dinosaur.

We ran out of room in her book so I had to put four pics on the inside back cover.

I really should just make a sequel with her because she is quickly adding more dinosaurs to her schema! You may have noticed the little meat/plant stickers on each page- those represent what each dinosaur ate. The reason why we put those stickers on? My daughter is very interested in their eating habits! 🙂 We also sorted dinosaur stickers and added those to each of the pages.

  • We found this great dinosaur book in the dollar bins at Target. It is a little too advanced for my Boo, but she loves looking and learning about the dinosaurs!
  • dinosaur game– we found this for a steal of a deal at a local bookstore. The game comes with a tube of plastic dinosaurs- and each dinosaur is labeled so I didn’t have to play the guessing game trying to figure out their names! I love that! This game also includes a short book with facts about different dinosaurs. And although the game itself was a little tricky, we tried it and had fun!
  • dinosaur sticker book– this was also found at a local bookstore. My Boo is into stickers lately- so this was perfect. The kids match the sticker to the dinosaur shape- another great skill.

We have had so much fun learning about dinosaurs- and I know we are nowhere near the end of learning about these prehistoric animals- but I just wanted to share with you some of the activities that have helped our learning grow! Remember to keep your manipulatives/books/games that you make- you never know when your child will pick up interest in that particular topic again!

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2 thoughts on “Dino Learning- Our Expedition to Prehistoric Times!

  1. Eva

    wow I love your mommy and me book 🙂 I’m currently making a safari one with my daughter! I also LOVE LOVE your curriculum plans! I wish I was as organized 🙂 I also want to learn more about dinosaurs with my daughter, thanks for posting. PS: how did fasting go with your husband? 🙂

    *hugs* Eva


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