Arriba and Abajo

My daughter is a HUGE Dora fan. And thanks to Dora, she has picked up on additional Spanish that has required no effort on my part! One of these words is “arriba”. She used this word correctly in conversation at the dinner table one night. I was impressed! Not being a Spanish speaker (yet), I researched and found the word for down- “abajo”.

To teach this concept, we played! My Boo had all her princesses lined up waiting for the magic carpet ride (a.k.a. drink coaster that looks like a little rug). In order to make the magic carpet go up, each of the princesses had to say the word “arriba”. In order to make the magic carpet go down, they had to say “abajo”. My daughter and I took turns helping the princesses on their carpet rides. It was a fun learning experience! My Boo caught me a time or two forgetting to say the words in which she would promptly tell me “Mom, Belle didn’t say arriba!”

I love that we are having fun while learning a second language together!
Happy Teaching!
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2 thoughts on “Arriba and Abajo

  1. April

    Aw that’s cute. My daughter is a huge Dora fan as well. We are trying to raise her bilingual but I have to say that she is taking to the English a lot more. But its cute that sometimes if we don’t respond to her right away she will then say it in Spanish. Like she will ask for bread and if I take a minute to respond she’ll say, “mommy! pan!”

  2. Bee

    I love what you post! And all your ideas. You have truly inspired me. This idea is so simple, yet, so creative. I hope to put your ideas in action. I’m a mother of 4 and I have a great desire to play & interact with my kids. It’s a privilege for me to stay home with them. But, sometimes….I don’t know what to do with them or how to teach them. So, thank you for blogging. YOu have also lead me to some really neat blogs.
    Keep your ideas coming!
    You are a wonderful mother!


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