A Dollar Store Tip to Get Your Kids Eating

For the past 6 months my husband and I have been struggling to get my daughter to eat. I researched some tips (posted here). One tip was to use fun dishes to spice up meal time (and capture your child’s attention and interest long enough to eat!) Rather then spending a lot of money on children dishes, I went to one of my favorite places… the dollar store. I was able to find 2 and 3 compartment trays which has worked SO well for us!

As funny as this sounds, I love these trays because they keep my daughter’s food organized! She can see that she has 2 or 3 separate foods to eat, and she knows that she needs to eat three bites of each of the foods served. It also is a reminder to me to serve more than just the main dish. And they are great when you have dippy foods and sauces- for example: one compartment for chips, the other for the cheese!
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