Questions for a Daily Calendar Time

For the past few months I have wanted to start doing calendar time with my daughter. I think there are many great educational ideas centered around the calendar such as number recognition, learning the days of the week, practice counting, talk about the weather and activities throughout the day, learn terms such as yesterday, today, tomorrow. It will also be the beginnings of a daily structured learning time. I even have visions of us happily skipping to the piano for some lessons afterwards (I can dream big, right?).

What are some ways that you have implemented calendar time? I would love to hear your ideas!
Happy Teaching!
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5 thoughts on “Questions for a Daily Calendar Time

  1. TJ and Mandi

    My husband was recently gone for a month. In order to help my two year old understand, we made a calendar and put it on the fridge. I put a picture of her dad on the day he was returning. I also drew little pictures on the calendar to symbolize things we do on each day; ie: a book on the day we go to the library, a giraffe on the day we were going to the zoo, scissors on the day she was going to get her hair cut, a church on the days we were going to the church, etc. Each day we were able to go to the calendar and see what we were doing that day, what we did yesterday, and what the plans were for tomorrow. We were also able to count how many more days until dad came home. I think it turned out pretty well! He is home now, but I think I want to make another calendar for this month just to continue learning!

  2. jojoebi

    I got a magnetic board with the months, dates and days on it. At first it was in the kitchen but it often got forgotten about so I moved to the little shelf about his bed. Now, every night before he goes to sleep he changes the calendar for the next day, through this alone he has learnt the days of the week and order of the months.

  3. Ticia

    Dreaming big is important.
    When I was teaching we would count the days of school, days of the month, skip count, you know the drill. But for some reason at home that has never quite worked for me, even though I really want it to. What has worked for me is to play games with it, and use it for counting.

  4. Eva

    Neat! I’ve been thinking of implementing a calendar time as well 🙂 .. some other things done during calendar time in daycares are: music and movement, finger plays, felt board story telling (ps- you can use an old frame and hot glue felt to it to make a simple feltboard), story telling, gross motor activities, show and tell… 🙂


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