Did you ever. . .

Did you ever have one of those afternoons, when you accidently fell asleep while reading to your tot just to have them wake you up fifteen minutes later to proudly show you this:

Yes, my daughter thought it a good idea to lick the frosting and sprinkles off all our cupcakes. While it wasn’t the BEST choice she could have made, I thought it funny enough to take a pic to remember. Life would be so different without all the sprinkles and frosting that make it so sweet.
Happy Teaching!
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5 thoughts on “Did you ever. . .

  1. Karen

    LOL!!!! just like my princess!!!! she just like the frosting!!!! and when finish with the frosting… she said I’m done!!! and gave me the cupcakes back!!!

  2. Raising a Happy Child

    Too funny. I don’t think my daughter would have done that – the rules are pretty strict in the house about not taking what is not hers. On the other hand, maybe she was just not given an opportunity 🙂


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