Alphabet Match-Up Game

Here is a SIMPLE way to get your tot to practice their ABC’s! We play a match up game with alphabet stickers and a bunch of letter pages that were on their way to be recycled. The letter pages would be SO easy to make- they just consist of all 26 capital letters!

We have played various games such as finding the match with capital letter stickers, or match the lowercase sticker with the capital letters. (This activity was a little confusing at first so I had to explain it with terms she understood. “The baby letters had to find their mommies.” Then we were good to go. And I was such a stickler about using proper terminology, too. . . .) My tot needs structure, so here are the steps we followed to play the game:
1. Name the letter on the sticker (I give her one sticker at a time)
2. Name the sound that letter makes
3. Point to the match on the page
4. Place the sticker on the match
I found that if I gave her the sticker first I lost her focus. Anyway, an easy game to make and play!
We have also recently been playing games where I say the sound and she has to hurry and stand on the correct letter on our alphabet rug. This works well with my little bundle of energy!
Happy Teaching!
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