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Can I just say I hate doing summary posts of our week in learning? Each day deserves its own special post- however I am much too busy to do that! So thank you to all who, despite reading the boring blog title and having no idea what you are getting yourself into, stand by and read anyway! I appreciate it! And I am away from my camera, so no pics yet. . .
My Faith Monday:
Nephi is obedient

This lesson was on learning how to obey. I am sure that this is a principle most parents teach their children. I laminated a darling story I found online to teach my daughter the story of Nephi getting the brass plates. She was bored out of her sweet little mind! I made “I can obey like Nephi” and “I can disobey like Laman and Lemuel” and we talked about our choices and how those choices have positive and negative consequences. I printed cute little stickers that said “I can obey” that would show the world that my daughter had now been taught about obedience and she would be fabulous at it. Sigh. When I pulled out the stickers, my daughter started bawling. Shouts of “I don’t want to obey” and “I don’t like obeying”could be heard. I have a picture of her pouting wearing the cute obedience sticker. Sometimes these well planned lessons just shoot off in a different direction! I do have some handouts if you are interested. Just send me an email!

Tumbling Tuesday:
Going on a bear hunt, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear turn aroundWe played these two familiar bear games that went along with our Goldilocks fairy tale for this month. Going on a bear hunt game was a big success as we followed the pattern in the book and went on our own bear hunt!
Wednesdays Words:
We kept on working with Spanish colors. She is doing very well- I am just too stinkin busy to do more with the Spanish right now! We did do some Alphabet sticker match up sheets. This is really easy to make- you just need a printout of the alphabet and stickers for all 26 letters. Boo would take a letter sticker and place it on the correct letter on the alphabet sheet. So easy- and yet she requested to do it twice! I need to post pics so you can see how EASY this really is!
Tea Time and Rhyme Thursday
We did more retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. My favorite versions of her retell include visits from the Disney princesses, Goldilocks hiding under the Daddy bed, and the baby bear getting upset at the Mommy and Daddy for not eating all their porridge. The mind of a two year old makes me laugh!
Field Trip Friday
We went on a little hike up in the mountains. It was wonderful. It was loud (sorry to the guy on the neighboring golf course) and full of adventure. We saw butterflies, birds, a cold river (which had me in panic mode- I am so afraid of drowning) lots of trees and ONE bug. Not bad! And then it was off to a duck pond for scouts. The pond where my husband literally got attacked by swans and scared my fearless two year old. (Later in the car she told us that the swan poked daddy’s tummy and broke it- so funny!)
It is past midnight and I need to sleep! Find time to love your little ones! They are so, SO precious!
Happy Teaching!

Next week:
My Faith Monday: Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors
Tumbling Tuesday: Butterfly dancing and Act out the stages of the life cycle of a butterfly
Wednesdays Words: Caterpillar colors in spanish and more alphabet sticker match ups (lower and uppercase letters)
Tea Time and Rhyme Thursday- sequence cards for Goldilocks and the Three Bears and LOTS of caterpillar stuff
Field Trip Friday- Nature walk

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3 thoughts on “Week in Learning

  1. Daisygirl

    How I miss the little places to Hike…It is amazing how quickly these kids pick up on Spanish, Reece says deliciouso when ever he likes something!

  2. Amy

    Here I am, stressed that I’m not getting enough into the day… and you show me the way! I should have thought of doing a different thing every day of the week. Thank you, thank you!


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