The Evolution of our Family and Learning Binders

I am addicted to many things- from chocolate licorice, planning curriculum, kissing my daughter, and binders. I feel such a sense of power as I organize my life into sheet protectors. . . I just FINALLY finished updating our home & learning binders and I thought I would take you on a journey of our past binders.

Here is the binder that started it all. This was when our family consisted of me,
my sweet husband, and our two dogs. I thought I would be creative and do a silhouette pic of our faces- I swear the cover is the most important part of the binder!
An inside look at a divider. Did we use this binder faithfully? No. I am a great
planner and a not so great executor.

Which brings us to our simplified version of our family binder- known as the
little red folder. Problems- too little- there were pages of grocery ideas, food storage
expiration dates, cleaning schedules, menus, etc all stuffed inside a two pocket folder.
This system did not last long! Besides, there was no cute cover!

Our latest family binder as of today. I was inspired to do a scrapbooking
cover by my creative sister-in-law. I am happy with how it looks
on the outside!

Here is a look at the inside of the binder. There are dividers for menus, cleaning stuff/checklists, ideas (for home projects, scrapbook pages, blog posts, gifts), church stuff, special dates, routine, food expiration list, and babysitter stuff.

The first learning binder for my daughter. This was full of ALL the many activities I was going
to do with her- from art, to baby massage and yoga. . . it was all right here. This was the ultimate baby binder that unfortunately got lost in a cupboard for awhile. Not so effective!

This is the latest learning binder for my daughter. I have it divided into her learning days- My Faith Monday (which has a checklist of scripture stories as well as coloring pages and craft ideas all ready to go for Family Home Evening), Tumbling Tuesday large motor activity lists and games, Wednesday Words which has some spanish stuff, Tea Time and Rhyme Thursday which has printables all ready to go for this month’s nursery rhyme/fairy tale, and a list of field trips for our Field Trip Fridays. The organization is all coming together, I just need to execute my little plans now!

Happy Teaching!
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6 thoughts on “The Evolution of our Family and Learning Binders

  1. Liz

    I love your blog and it gives me sooo many ideas for activities and lessons with my little one. I love all of your organization as well. I’ve started becoming more organized by using some of your tricks (calendars, etc.) Thank you for putting this blog up to let everyone else in on your ideas and activities.

  2. Cindy

    I just made one for us last week. we have never had one and I really hope to put it to good use. I found ideas for it from the Tip Junkie and Organizing Your Way. Thanks for your input too.

  3. Orange Juice

    You are totally a binder junkie. I am too. Maybe not as bad as you but pretty bad. I have so many that I forget about or don’t us for a long time. LOL And yet I can’t stop! 🙂
    I love your ideas tho.

  4. Jennifer Williams

    Oh this made me chuckle as i too am better at the planning than the execution!! When I do execute it goes so well, i just need to get over whatever barriers there are that stop me so often!!

    I love the binders… my planning just goes into a notebook!



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