Field Trip Friday Ideas

Here are some ideas for field trips for your tot (some may not be applicable to your area!):

  1. airplane museum
  2. dinosaur park
  3. duck pond
  4. train museum
  5. nearby walking paths
  6. bounce house places like boondocks
  7. exercise trail
  8. fire station
  9. local elementary school
  10. treehouse
  11. temple
  12. mall
  13. splash park
  14. great salt lake
  15. pet store
  16. plant/flower store
  17. nature center
  18. skating
  19. trout farm
  20. paint store
  21. post office
  22. small airport
  23. zoo
  24. police station
  25. bookstore
  26. farm
  27. bakery
  28. tv or radio station
  29. newspaper
  30. vet
  31. grocery store
  32. ice cream shop
  33. movie theater
  34. cabellas
  35. lagoon or other local amusement park
  36. dinosaur national monument
  37. hike a nearby hill or mountain
  38. umbrella walk in the rain
  39. rock hunt around the neighborhood
  40. local university
  41. chocolate factory
  42. library
  43. symphony
  44. baseball game
  45. red butte garden
  46. tracy aviary

The list could go on and on! The important thing is to get out in your area and provide your child with the background experiences to broaden their horizons.

Happy Teaching!
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