Religious Curriculum Ideas and Teaching Tools

Just wanted to type a quick post with some curriculum ideas and tools that we are using during
our My Faith Mondays. There is so much material and great ideas- just find what works best for you and your kiddos and teach away! YOU are your child’s first and most important teacher!

  1. I found these Everyday Bible Story DVDs at the dollar store for, well, . . . a dollar! This is just one of the eight DVDs we got- and my daughter’s favorite so far! There are bible stories and music videos- nothing too fancy, but captivating and educational for a toddler or preschooler.
  2. We have also been using (just a little) these classic Scripture Stories and matching DVDs. They are designed for older children so we just kinda pick and choose what my daughter sees on the videos. I actually have memories using the old tapes to read along with these books- and the guys voice on the tape (and movie) is kinda scary.
  3. I love getting ideas from other websites- is one of my favorites for religious teaching. Check out this post on a week long Easter experience for your family. There are also lots of other blogs I read to get inspired for activities!
  4. Music and books have always been a big part of religion for me. My daughter has been exposed to primary music and we are just recently listening to other types of religious music. We have been reading a variety of books on different prophets and events in the Bible and Book of Mormon. Some of our recent finds have been:
  5. We just bought this for my daughter’s Easter- she has the first book and is starting to get into the stories more and more.

I am currently working on organizing my religious ideas into a binder- that’s the goal for this week! These are just some of the ideas- I would LOVE to take our weekly scripture stories to the next level by applying one or two main principles (such as prayer with Daniel in the Lion’s Den, obedience with Nephi, etc..) I want to also add a little song, coloring page (for her scripture story folder), and a game (‘cuz thats how my Boo learns!) So much to do and so little time. . .

Happy Teaching!

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