Joseph Smith Gets the Golden Plates Game

This is just a little role-playing game my daughter and I did one morning to help teach her how we got the Book of Mormon. We took turns being Moroni and Joseph Smith. Moroni would pretend to dig a hole, put in the golden plates, and put a big rock (or pillow!) on top to hide them. Then Joseph Smith would be sleeping on the couch. The angel Moroni would come visit with Joseph Smith and tell him about the golden plates under the big rock. When my daughter would be Joseph Smith she would get up, run and kick off the pillow, and shout with excitement that she had found the golden plates. Of course there is a very shortened version of what took place, but it is laying the foundation for lessons to come. 🙂

Happy Teaching!
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1 thought on “Joseph Smith Gets the Golden Plates Game

  1. Amber P.

    That is so cute. My little ones love to pretend sleep so this would be a great activity for them. I think we may have FHE be all about this on Monday. Thanks for sharing.


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