Tumbling Tuesday Bible

OK- here is the book of all books for our Tumbling Tuesdays. It is called “Unplugged Play” and is written by Bobbi Conner. A fabulous collection of some fun games to play with your child from ages 1 to 10.
Here are some games that I think sound like fun:

  1. kitchen soccer
  2. romper roll
  3. beanbag basket toss
  4. tunnel tube
  5. pillowcase surprise
  6. hallway bag ball
  7. duckie dip
  8. outdoor box ball
  9. bumper ball
  10. teddy says
  11. beanbag toss
  12. roll it, toss it
  13. ringer ball, ring a ding soccer
  14. toddler basketball
  15. zoom zoom zoom
  16. follow the leader
  17. one two three. hop like me
  18. toddler tag
  19. stop and go dancing

It doesn’t stop here…..in fact, this book has over 700 activities to do with your child! From arts, playdates, family nights….. this book has ideas for them all! This was truly a diamond found at the library!!!

Yesterday for Tumbling Tuesday (OK, yesterday was Wednesday….but Tuesday I was sick in bed all day so we are making up for lost time!) I taught my Boo how to play tag. She LOVES it. I had “it” wear a scarf so she would remember who “it” was. That really helped out a lot. We ran around the house until we were both out of breath and in need of a drink break. And who knows…maybe in the process of playing with my daughter, I burned some calories!
Happy Teaching!
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