Tumbling Tuesday- Make Your Own Ribbon Wands

For our Tumbling Tuesday activity, I wanted to dance with ribbon wands. I thought they would be simple enough to make- and I was right! They took maybe 5 seconds to make!!! I used long pipe cleaners and colorful streamers (tie a piece onto the pipe cleaner)- just because that is what we had on hand.I wasn’t sure how I would like the pipe cleaners, but in the end I LOVED them because we could transform our ribbon wands to ribbon bracelets easily since pipe cleaner is so flexible. And I won’t feel guilty throwing them away because I can easily make them again. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Tumbling Tuesday- Make Your Own Ribbon Wands

  1. Bee

    So glad I found your BLOG. Thanks for taking the time to post about the activities you do with your toddler. I have found it very beneficial to me. Could you post your weekly schedule? At a glance what do you do each day?



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