Tea Time and Rhyme Thursday- THE LITTLE RED HEN

For our Tea Time and Rhyme Thursdays we are going to start working on Nursery Rhymes. We started with The Little Red Hen because Tuesday was Bird Day and I wanted some continuity with our curriculum! And yes we spent the ENTIRE day in our jammies. Well, my daughter did. I eventually had to get dressed for traffic school- but thats a whole different blog post!


  • Having some cut out pieces to use to tell the story- it was SO cute to see my little one “retell” the story.
  • blow the hen’s feather game: use a red craft feather and blow it across the table to each other! this was a riot for my daughter! Everytime the feather landed on her she would just burst out laughing!


  • rolling playdough with a rolling pin like the Little Red Hen- I have one giant marble rolling pin (way too big for Boo) and this roller tool- it was still too tricky for her.
  • sweeping up popcorn with a pastry brush like the Little Red Hen- OK she was supposed to sweep up popcorn kernels but we had pre-popped popcorn on hand so that is what I used! My daughter liked this activity ONCE. And that is precisely how many times we did it!


  • not read the Nursery Rhyme in her playroom- it is WAY too distracting in there! The ironic thing is that her playroom is also where I store most of her learning supplies- I might need to make some changes in that department! Or maybe she will learn to avoid the temptation of toys while we learn- any thoughts/ideas/suggestions on this topic???
  • remembered to visit this site and to also make the cutest little red hen handprint craft– I totally spaced it! Blah!!!


  • When I was tucking in my daughter last night, we had a funny conversation about the Little Red Hen. We were doing a basic retell, I would prompt her and she would fill in the blanks. She thought the dog more of a helpful guy than the other animals. I don’t remember the entire conversation, but the best part went as follows….
Mommy: “Once upon a time there was a Little Red Hen. And she found some seeds.
So she asked some animals to help her plant them in the ground.
Did the animals help her? The cat said…
Boo:Not I!
Mommy: The pig said:
Boo:Not I!
Mommy: The dog said:

Today is Bubble Bath Day- maybe you can squeeze a nice, relaxing bath in some time today- you deserve it!
Happy TEACHing!

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3 thoughts on “Tea Time and Rhyme Thursday- THE LITTLE RED HEN

  1. Deborah (Teach Preschool)

    Just keep it fun – it sounds like through the distractions and all, she is hearing your words and retaining the information. Sometimes the distractions are more bothersome to us as adults then they really are to the child’s ability to learn and retain ideas.

  2. No Ordinary Me

    What fun. I have a issue with distracting locations. I homeschool a 4th grader, Pre-K/K. Add the Tot to the mix and it can be very distracting. I have a small home so I have stuff organized but it seems to be a little everywhere, Enjoyed your blog.


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