Tea Time and Rhyme Thursday- HUMPTY DUMPTY

Thursday we had a great time learning about one of my daughter’s favorite Nursery Rhymes- Humpty Dumpty. We read an old Humpty board book (which she loves- and will point out the pages when he is feeling grumpy and happy and all the cracks he gets from falling down). I found a printable book from readinga-z.com that we read and colored together (I gave one of the king’s men purple boots,then my daughter wanted to give them ALL purple boots 🙂 )

We also made a Humpty Dumpty! This turned out SO much cuter than I thought (I am looking through the eyes of a biased momma, after all!). I took an egg pattern I found here, and then traced my daughters hands and feet on colors she picked. I also asked her if she wanted big or little eyes, and you can tell which she picked by looking at her masterpiece! I love this!

Happy TEACHing!

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5 thoughts on “Tea Time and Rhyme Thursday- HUMPTY DUMPTY

  1. Eva

    so cute!! all the activities you two have been up to look great! I have to try them out with my daughter! I really want to join in with your fabulous random holidays haha, lots of fun

  2. Jennifer Rose

    I love 3 purple boots thing! That’s why mom – a preschool teacher for 30+ years- never does a project before her kids do, she wants them to do it on their own and think for themselves.:)


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