Learning Opposites on Opposite Day

Yesterday we celebrated Opposite Day by reviewing some opposites my Boo already knew and learning some new ones! I came across some great activities that I thought I would pass along!

  • Loud and Quiet– Most of you are familiar with the Loud and Quiet hide and seek game- where you hide an object while “it” is out of the room, and when that person comes back you sing quietly until they get close to the object. The closer “it” gets to the object, the louder you sing- until the object is found! My Boo lasted one round of this game!!!! We did laugh loudly and quietly during dinner, so the concept was reviewed better then.
  • Up and Down– This was by far the most interesting activity! We put 5 raisins in a clear jar about halfway full of Sprite. The carbonation would build up little bubbles on the raisins and cause them to go up and down in the jar. Really a great way to show up and down! And of course we had to dance up and down like the raisins in the jar!
  • Tall and Short, Long and Short– During our Opposite Day Dinner (in which we feasted on breakfast cereal), we had 2 glasses of orange juice- a tall and short one! And in those glasses we had our long and short straws! Simple enough, right?
  • Fast and Slow– My darling little runner and I went around the table fast and slow. She is obsessed with running so this was a great little activity for her!
  • In and Out- We ran in and out of her cute little princess tent. She had a blast doing this!
  • Big and Small– we had big and small marshmallows for a yummy snack (not the healthiest, I know! But where learning is concerned, you can make some nutritional exceptions once in awhile!
  • Fat and Skinny– for another delicious and unhealthy snack, we nibbled on fat and skinny Cheetos (puffs and crunchy Cheetos). Can I just say yummy???
  • Over and Under– OK, we had yet another unhealthy refreshment when I made pudding for dessert. There was graham cracker crumbs on the bottom, chocolate pudding in the middle, and frozen whipped cream on top. (I never buy whipped cream and had no clue that I had to defrost it first! Oops!) I asked my daughter the questions- “What is under the pudding” crumbsalthough at first she called them drums 🙂 “What is over the pudding?” cream. While we were eating our wholesome dessert I asked my Boo to put her arm over and under my arm (like a bridge). That peaked her interest so as soon as we finished eating we headed to the playroom to make block bridges for the princess to go over and under.

We didn’t get to our Heavy/Light or Thick/Thin activities, but I would have to say we still had a very successful opposite day! And it was a good day for our family- we got some great news that my brother in law got accepted to oral surgery school!
It is off to eat breakfast and then to make a toddler balance beam!
Happy TEACHing!

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6 thoughts on “Learning Opposites on Opposite Day

  1. Jacci Quincy

    You’re awesome!! These are great ideas. I’m teaching about opposites for a little neighborhood preschool that I do with my youngest. I’m going to use all of your ideas.


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