January’s Curriculum and Menu Calendars

OK- I am finally posting my latest calendars! I have been really busy preparing to start a temporary job as a curriculum writer for a textbook company (this is SO up my alley- and I get to work from home most of the time, too…. such a blessing) I did want my beloved readers to know that I am still very much here and very much active in my daughter’s education! I wanted to post both my menu (to inspire you mommys to eat something new every night) and curriculum calendars (since I might not be able to post my learning activities as much, you can peruse this calendar and let it give you some guidance as to how you want to spend your learning time with your little ones!)
I added our fun little holidays in red…. can’t forget those days…. celebrating those off the wall holidays is one of my favorite aspects of being a mom. I am not following a set curriculum for January, other than the little one I created, for 2 reasons. First, the curriculum that I originally had (and loved) was just not meeting the needs of my daughter. And secondly, I wanted more flexibility in my day. And I really love the thematic days that Eva and I came up with- so I am going to stick with those for the time being!
My curriculum encompasses religious teaching, learning new Nursery rhymes/fairy tales, learning ONE spanish word a week (doing more was just too hard for me!), and spending time with gross motor skills activities. I read through my old Montessori checklists that I posted about a year ago, and fell in love with that all over again, and came up with a clever little way to integrate those skills. I printed the checklist, cut out each activity as a separate slip of paper, folded them, and put them in my daughter’s learning jar. Whenever we have a spare 20 minutes, we will pull out one of these skills to do together! There are learning activities from pouring beans between two jugs to folding clothes to grating carrots…. a huge variety!
I hope that your curriculum plans are coming along well- there is just SO much to do with so little time!!!
Happy TEACHing!

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6 thoughts on “January’s Curriculum and Menu Calendars

  1. Kestrel

    KERI, I am so FREAKING jealous of your new job! Sounds like so much fun, awesome for yooou!!!

    That’s such a cute idea about the jar of things to learn. We might have to try that over here too.

    Toby and I are also learning Spanish this year. My dad is from Mexico and my brother in law is from Colombia, so we have family help 🙂 We are having a weekly dinner with my brother in law speaking only Spanish, hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to hablar bueno 🙂

  2. mom2three

    Love the month of January! I absolutely love that you are introducing spanish to her already…I start a couple classes in May!
    Big congratulations on the new job, that is awesome!

  3. Tot Play: A Learning Journey

    I too would love to have the new job that you have! Congrats! I am a little addicted to teaching ideas myself. I am excited about viewing your Tumbling Tuesday and Wednesday Word files. I wish I were as organized as you are! I checked out your A-Z exercise cards and will be putting them to use soon!


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