Happy National Milk Day!

Monday, January 11th was National Milk Day! OK, so I am backposting- but I just couldn’t resist sharing with you the one and only activity we did (and for the record we did this on Tuesday- better late than never right??)
I wanted to show my daughter that MILK is in different foods. We put one cup of milk in a baggie, and with a couple tablespoons of sugar, made homemade ice cream! For those of you that have never made ice cream in a baggie, I implore you to try this! It was very delicious! There are lots of recipes online- some adding more ingredients than what we used- but I liked that our recipe was SIMPLE! Go to this site and scroll down to find the step by step directions!Happy TEACHing!

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2 thoughts on “Happy National Milk Day!

  1. SkylarKD

    My daughter was fascinated by the slow-paced explanation of where milk comes from on the very first episode of Sesame Street. We watched it on TV the other day (a DVD came with the 40th anniversary book I got for Christmas).


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