Santa Dice Game makes a Great Comeback

Some of you might have read about our experience with this great dice game activity I found here. In a nutshell- my daughter was WAY more interested in eating the candy pieces than playing the game! I had dismissed the idea from trying that game again this year, to avoid messy chocolate faces and a frustrated momma, that is, until my daughter begged to play a game. Having nothing else nearby, I snatched up the gameboard and dice, and grabbed some stickers. The whole time thinking that she was going to be covered in stickers in just a few minutes.BOY was I wrong! Look at her working hard to put those stickers inside the circles! She even added 2 stickers for the eyes. I am such a proud mommy! and no we didn’t use all the dice in this pic- just one 🙂
Here is the final product:
So thank you, Activity Mom, for sharing this activity!
Happy Teaching!!

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