Popsicle Tree Ornaments DONE and Santa Dice Game goes South

We are finished with our ornament gifts and I thought I would share a picture of our final work. We didn’t have sequins so I just hole punched different colored paper and that seemed to work just fine! My daughter was a trooper and helped me glue the ornaments on about half the trees (why did I think we needed to make 6????) I also glued yarn on the back so they can be hung on the tree.

We played a Santa dice game today that I read about here. Basically, you roll the dice and put that number of small candies (like M&Ms) on a cute Santa printout (check here if you want to download it!) It didn’t go as planned- my daughter just wanted to eat the treats. It is a really cute game and I think my Boo is just not quite ready for an activity like this. I did find a cute little Santa Claus & reindeer that I just COULDN’T stop myself from buying- and my daughter had fun w/ the Santa visiting her little people (and snacking on one to many M&Ms from aforementioned dice game).
Gotta run- hear my baby girl crying! Happy Holidays!!!

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8 thoughts on “Popsicle Tree Ornaments DONE and Santa Dice Game goes South

  1. Adriana

    I love the trees. I think that D would like that project. We are going to do the Santa dice game also. I am afraid that I will be the one eating all of the M&M’s though. 🙂


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