Playroom Labels (finally!)

I have been wanting to create some labels for some plastic drawers in my daughter’s playroom. These should help her in knowing where the toys belong and will make cleaning up more an independent activity. I finally got around to doing it (better late than never, right?)

Click here to download our labels- maybe they will inspire you to create your own!

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2 thoughts on “Playroom Labels (finally!)

  1. Our Little Family

    I’ll have to check them out! There is nothing I love more than a good label. 🙂 Seriously, when we first moved into our house, my husband had to remind that this was our HOME and not a CLASSROOM (ie: stop labeling everything). Ha!

  2. Sheena

    That’s great! I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time now. I plan on taking a picture of everything that is in certain boxes, laminate them and then put them on the handles. I was about to do this, but then I figured I might have to switch things around after Christmas with new toys, so I’m going to wait until next month. Thanks for the inspiration!


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