Duck Duck Goose problem solved!

OK, maybe this is a crazy teaching post…. I am sure most of your kiddos have mastered this game in no time flat! But if there is just one mommy out there that can benefit from this, I will consider it worth my time!
I LOVE playing with my daughter and started teaching her to play the classic game Duck, Duck Goose. (FYI she just recently turned 2) She easily got the chasing part down- no sweat there! In fact she will make a few laps around the circle before trying to figure out where to sit. But she was a little confused on WHERE to sit. She kept trying to sit in her original spot. I then had the clever idea to have everyone sitting on felt squares. This easily shows the empty spot where the child needs to sit. Problem solved! Of course, she is still running multiple laps, but why not let her use her energy while having fun? I can’t complain!
Happy Teaching!

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