Candy Cane Day

Another one of our advent calendar days we recently celebrated was Candy Cane day. I showed my daughter the shepard from her nativity block set and we briefly talked about his role. I pointed out the cane he was holding and let her make the connection that it looked like a candy cane! Pretty exciting for a 2 year old, let me tell you!
We then read a couple Nativity books (Boo is obsessed with all babies being “baby Jesus” right now- and wanted to hear more and more about Him! Cute, eh!) We also ate some delicious candy canes- our first ones this year! My daughter can eat a candy cane faster than anyone else I have ever seen! What ever happened to slowly licking it- until the layers melted in your mouth and you could create a sharp point at the end… well, maybe its for the best that she can’t do that yet! 🙂For more Candy Cane activities check out Carisa’s amazing post here– I am truly in awe of this woman!
Happy Teaching!

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