5 Senses of Christmas: SOUND

As many of you know, we are working on the 5 senses this month. This past week we have been working on the sense of SOUND. Here is a list of some of the Christmas related activities we have done:

  • listened to jingle bells, and shook them while we danced & sang
  • I attached some little jingle bells to a pair of my daughter’s shoes and we ran around (this is actually a pic of last year’s jingle bells- this year’s bells keep getting mysteriously untied!)
  • we listened to a variety of festive Christmas music
  • we played a simplified version of Sound Bingo (check out Handmade Beginning’s post– I read about it and knew it was something we had to try!) Instead of actually playing Bingo, we just listened to the sounds while my little one sat in my lap and we tried to search for the pics together. She really enjoyed doing the activity this way!
  • I made her a little book called “—-, —- what do you hear?” (her name is blurred out) with some of the sounds we listened to this week. download the pdf here After making this I thought to myself- geez, I haven’t made a Mommy made Book for a long time! And rather than doing 5 little books, why not make one board book? So look for a post with the latest book installment entitled “the 5 Senses of Christmas”

So there you have it! The sense of SOUND (2 year old style!) This week we are working on Taste and Smell (since they are so closely related!) Stay tuned!!!
happy TEACHing!

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