Setting the Table Can be FUN!!!

One of the fun little spontaneous learning activities that my Boo and I have done is to learn how to properly set the table. I found this cute Thanksgiving printable of Max and Ruby on Nick Jr‘s website. After printing it off, I stuck it in a sheet protector for extra durability and protection. I placed it in front of my daughter during one of our little “dinners” with her play food- showed her how to properly place the utensils and dishes in the correct places, and then let her try.

She got it immediately! She LOVED doing this activity over and over (as most of our toddlers do). I then transferred this play activity to setting the table upstairs at the dinner table. My little one still needs the assistance of the mat, and I am SO glad I stuck it in the sheet protector because she has already spilled on it! As you can see from this picture, she is using a plastic knife and a play plate at the table because she doesn’t have a real knife (do they make toddler knives?) and her real plate was too big for the mat. Other than that, this was a real fun learning activity!

Happy Teaching!

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6 thoughts on “Setting the Table Can be FUN!!!

  1. Jennifer

    They do make toddler knives! I have 2 different ones and like them both. The first is from Pampered Chef which has an exaggerated serrated edge. The second is from Gerber and came in a set with a matching fork and spoon. It just has a flat edge that is not sharp at all. My daughter loves using her knives and won’t hardly eat a banana anymore unless it is on a plate and she can “cut” it herself.

  2. mom2three

    this is a great activity for kids. I also taught my 3 kids how to set the table and clear it when they are through…it is amazing how many people (Grandmas especially) are blown away that my kids do this!


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