Do It Yourself Christmas: Nativity Blocks

About a year ago I came across this post on DIY Nativity blocks and I fell in love! They are great for kids (and cheaper than a toy nativity set) and made from their heart. I set out in my mind that I would be making them as gifts for my nieces and nephew!

I came across a few snags- I couldn’t find the nativity stickers that Hilary used in her post. But I LOVE clipart and was blessed to find 2 really cute Nativity clip art sets. One is from Lori Wenerstrom (her clipart was highly recommended and she was kind enough to send me a copy of her nativity clipart since it’s hard to find- it’s sooo cute! ) and Amy Dott Harmer (cutest stick kids! I have purchased many of her sets!!!)

Set One (Lori’s)

I made this set for my daughter. They were originally created as nativity puppets (but they make the cutest blocks, too!) I love that this set incorporates the Nativity story from the Book of Mormon as well as the Bible- visit her lesson plan here for more info)

blocks: Sun(other side star), Samuel the Lamanite, Nephi, Angel

three wise men, Joseph, Mary, star (other side sun), Shepard

Set Two (Amy’s)

These are the blocks I made as gifts (and of course I made an extra set for me!) This is your more typical Nativity set… with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in a manger, donkey, stable, angel, star, innkeeper, shepard w/sheep, three wise men and a camel. I bought some 2X4 and 2X6 boards at a home improvement store, had them cut into blocks, sealed them, and then modge-podged the clipart on!

Since this is for little kiddos, I also created some coloring pages to go along with the blocks in their “Nativity Box”. (I also found a little story book to go in their box to complete the Nativity learning time fun!) I can’t wait to give these Nativity Boxes to some of the CUTEST kids I know!!!

Happy Holidays!

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9 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Christmas: Nativity Blocks

  1. Our Little Family

    Oh my goodness, this is TOO adorable! I love it and what a fun way to get kids involved in the nativity scene.

    By the way, I printed out a Max and Ruby placemat (that you so sweetly blogged about) and it was a HUGE hit on Thanksgiving. Maddie LOVED it and still plays with it. On my Thanksgiving blog post, I linked it back to you. 🙂

  2. ]\[-]{

    I see the link to where Lori’s clip art is from but not the actual link to the clip art. Please help me so our family can do this amazing activity.
    Thank you.


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