Our Week in Learning

We have had a busy week of learning!! I wanted to do a little trial run with our new daily themes before we opened it up to the blogging world. This week was a great success- I accomplished all the learning objectives I had planned, I didn’t spend a lot of time each day on the structured learning, and all the learning activities we did were varied and designed with her in mind!

My Faith Monday

preopener: marched around the room while singing the chorus to “Follow the Prophet”. My Boo kept saying “sing again” and we did- again, and again, and again…. (she was having fun while learning a primary song!) She will ask me now to sing “Sollow the proset” – she can’t say her f sound very well….
BRIEF lesson: looked at picture of the first presidency- learned their names (she sorta knows them already, we just cemented the learning a bit more) Then we colored the P page in our ABC’s of Church Coloring Book. While we were coloring (yes, I LOVE to color too!) we talked about the prophet and how we follow him.

The whole entire “My Faith Monday” experience lasted about 10 minutes- but it was educational, religious, together time! I added in a daily scripture story. Every day this week we talked about three prophets in the scriptures. It is has been a great way for us to start our mornings!

Tumbling Tuesday

With my preview week’s theme being Halloween, I wanted to do some fun and active games with my tot. I listed a whole bunch (found on our wiki) but we ended up only having time for two. We did a Ghostbusters scarves activity- which was very good for my Boo since she is learning how to catch. We also did a fun “Spider Dance” activity- taken from my good ole Itty Bitty Bookworm Curriculum!

Wednesday’s Words

No words this week: I was still deciding on how I would approach these lessons with my soon to be two year old. Eva had a great idea to do 5 focus words each week, and I think I will pick out three to work with my little one (to start with- who knows, she may pick up on these words faster than I think!) I have a special red folder- outside pocket will be the weekly word activity we will be working on, and the inside pockets will store previous weeks activities- one side for english, one side Spanish.

Tea Time & Rhyme Thursday

My favorite weekly activity so far… word of warning, sipping “tea” (we used water) while reading books may not work… my daughter was more interested in drinking than reading! And yes, we had puddles of water everywhere (luckily not on any books). Maybe when she’s older…. 🙂
We read The Biggest Pumpkin Ever (book on tape), Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Little Miss Muffet (book suggestions from Itty Bitty Bookworm). We ended up spending a good thirty minutes reading!

After reading the books, we did some art projects that went along with the stories. These pictures will be Halloween gifts for grandparents, Boo’s birth mom, and of course mommy and daddy!

Our weekly “rhyme”s were Itsy Bitsy Spider, 5 Little Pumpkins, and Halloweens Coming Soon. I downloaded these from Kididdles– a great website with TONS of nursery rhymes and songs. I have made a folder to store these sheets as we learn them each week (she has a couple we have done in the past- like the ABC song and Baa Baa Black Sheep)

File Folder Friday

I made two games for my daughter this week: a Halloween sorting (big, medium, small) and a Pumpkin Alphabet. My daughter knows all her uppercase and some lowercase letters, and I want to continue to work on that ‘cuz she LOVES her ABC’s!!! I hope to add some simple counting file folder games to do for fun as well.

I will store her file folder games in a small tote, and after we have done our weekly game she can go back and pick past games to review.

McLinky will hopefully be up and running for next Monday’s post- so if you plan on doing anything to educate your child in your faith, link up!! And that goes for the rest of our daily themes- if you think that diving into doing all 5 themes is too much, remember that you can pick and choose what themes work for you!

Happy Teaching!

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  1. melaniet42

    What great themed days! I’m going to have to “re-work” our Tot School stuff once my part-time job wraps up in about 5-6 weeks and will have to incorporate some of this!!


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