My Faith Monday

Hello!! Welcome to our first official post of the new curriculum designed by Eva and myself! Today is My Faith Monday- a day we focus our tot’s learning on things of a religious nature.

My daughter and I are learning about The Creation this week. I have our “learning” broken into three parts.

  • First, our morning scripture study will be to read the story of the creation found in the bible. (It will take all of 2 minutes maybe???) After breakfast and we are ready for the day, we will continue with the following activities:
Whenever I hear the song of a bird (cup hand to ear)
Or look at the blue, blue sky, (look up, pretending to shade eyes with hand)
Whenever I feel the rain on my face (touch fingertips to face)
Or the wind as it rushes by, (wave hands back and forth)
Whenever I touch a velvet rose (cup hands together)
Or walk by our lilac tree, (use two fingers to “walk” up other arm)
I’m glad that I live in this beautiful world (raise hands in circle above head)
Heavenly Father created for me. (point to self)

After singing the song, we will color a small book on the creation(here or here) and talk a little about how God made the world.

  • When Daddy gets home later Monday night, we are going to do the following activity found on for our Family Home Evening(this is time we spend all together as a family learning):

Explain that the creation of the Earth is recorded in Genesis and place the Number One in front of you. Read and discuss Genesis 1:1-5. Allow children to color one half of the Number One with a black crayon to represent darkness.

Place the Number Two in front of you. Read and discuss Genesis 1:6-8. Have children color the Number Two blue. Next have them glue cotton onto clouds to make them fluffy. Glue clouds onto the Number Two.

Place the Number Three in front of you. Read and discuss Genesis 1:9-13. Have children color the Number Three green. Next have them glue plants, grass, leaves, and small seeds (mustard, celery, poppy) onto it.

Place the Number Four in front of you. Read and discuss Genesis 1:14-19. Have children color half of the Number Four sky blue and the other half black. Color the moon yellow. Have them glue the sun, stars, and moon onto the Number Four.

Place the Number Five in front of you. Read and discuss Genesis 1:20-23. Have children color the top half of the Number Five sky blue and the bottom half dark blue. Glue fish and birds in appropriate spots.

Place the Number Six in front of you. Read and discuss Genesis 1:24-31 Have children color the Number Six green. Glue animals on. Have children draw Adam and Eve on seperate paper. Glue them on the top of the Number Six.

Place the Number Seven in front of you. Read and discuss Genesis 2:1-3. Have children color the Number Seven any color they desire and glue Sabbath pictures onto it.

I LOVE this idea with one minor modification based on my Boo’s age:

I am going to place the clipart with the stars, moon, animals, crayons, etc in an envelope titled “Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ made…” I will have my daughter pull out the clipart and we will make a “creation collage”. If we have extra time, we will watch this old school Creation Video online.

There you have it!!! Our first “My Faith Monday” post!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY TO TEACH YOUR LITTLE ONES ABOUT YOUR FAITH??

Happy Teaching and don’t forget to link up!

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2 thoughts on “My Faith Monday

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I enjoy planning FHEs for my barely 2 year old son but (as you know I’m sure) it can be hard to think of ways to keep him interested and have him learn at the same time. So thank you for detailing yours. I will be following you a week behind and so appreciate your posts (on all your activities).


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