Jumpstart: Read for the Record!

Just a reminder that today is read for the record day! Take the time to celebrate the JOY of reading with your little one- we all know not only about the importance of reading in furthering education, but the journeys we take while engrossed in a good book. SHARE that love of reading with your kiddos today!!!
This is an international campaign- people pledging all over the world to read the same book on the same day. This years book pick? The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Once you have read it, visit this site for a great list of printable extension activities! (you may need to scroll down a bit on this page)

Happy Reading and Teaching!!

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4 thoughts on “Jumpstart: Read for the Record!

  1. Crystal

    I was just making my christmas/birthday lists and need some advice. Son #1 will be 3 and son #2 will be 16months at Christmas. I want to mostly get them learning toys or books. I would LOVE, LOve, LoVe you to do a post or just email what you think some of the “must-have” gifts would be. Thanks
    crystalboom at hotmail dot com


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