And the Diagnosis Is….

So my illness has a name….

I went to my regular doctor and lo and behold- I have had the swine flu all along. If I had only been properly diagnosed at that “other” clinic, I could have been back to normal….
I feel the worst for my baby! Her birthday party has to be canceled, poor thing!!!
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10 thoughts on “And the Diagnosis Is….

  1. Orange Juice

    infuriating! how incompetent can a place be. I’m so sorry u weren’t properly treated. I hope you will be better faster than even!
    As for ur little one, while its not great, at least she’s still so little she won’t experience such disapointment as older kids.
    I’m so sorry about all this!

  2. adailyscoopofchaos

    oh no not the swine!!! I am so sorry about your trouble…I find doctors so aggravating most of the time.
    I hope you feel better really soon. Happy Halloween and Birthday to your sweet girl!!!


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