Alphabet Quiet Kit

My daughter is LOVING the ABC’s. I compiled a few of our different alphabet activities into a quiet kit for church that I thought I would share with you!

When you see the scissors – that indicates an activity or a great website with ideas to download for you to make!

The Basics:
a bag just for Sunday
accordion folder to store each of the activities

Alphabet Quiet Kit

  • alphabet flashcards- we found some for really cheap at a going out of business sale, and I know that dollar stores sell them as well. I also made her set with x-rays for our letter x day.
  • alphabet movement cards– there is a movement activity that goes along with each letter of the alphabet!
  • mini abc books- i found these used for a steal of a deal-i am missing letter k, but i have plans to make my own

  • abc’s of church coloring book- feel free to download here!

Enjoy! Happy Teaching! Please share any other alphabet quite kit ideas! I love learning from you all!!! (Now isn’t that the sign of a true teacher- one who loves learning!!

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2 thoughts on “Alphabet Quiet Kit

  1. Eva

    Neat! I’ve always wanted to put together a quiet kit, I still have to get around to that :). The month of alphabets was so fun and beneficial! My daughter was able to master all the letters and letter sounds shortly after that :). Will you be doing more curriculum themes? I can’t wait to see what you have planned.


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