Step 2 Motorcycle Review and Giveaway

The time has at last arrived! There was a knock on our door this morning with a big box…. we received our new Step 2 Motorcycle from CSN Toys today and I can’t wait to give one away to one of you lucky readers out there!

What I love about the motorcycle:

  1. This is a perfect gift for boy or girl and they come in 2 colors- a brilliant red or a soft pink. We decided on the red one since we hope to use it with all of our future kiddos! And my daughter doesn’t seem to care about the color, either!
  2. It gives my daughter an outlet for her countless supply of energy. Anything that requires physical activity is a HUGE hit with my girl. And I know that it is important for her to stay active. Doctors have said that toddlers who get used to an inactive life style are at risk for obesity later in life. So this is a great toy to keep her going!
  3. This motorcycle can be an inside or outside toy. We are going to keep it in since I don’t want the tires dirty yet… I am sure by springtime we will be riding around the block!
  4. Although the box says ages 3+, my almost 2 year old daughter is riding around on it with ease. In fact, it is just the right size for her. She has pretty good balance and a no fear attitude that suites this toy well! 🙂
  5. It is simple enough to encourage a lot of pretend play. So many toys nowadays are pretty intense and require no imagination. The Step 2 Motorcycle allows my daughter to use her imagination as she “drives” to various pretend places! Pretend play may not seem that important to some people, but it’s actually very healthy for a young child. It is a step in a toddler’s growth and development that allows them to practice life skills in a fun, safe environment.
  6. The motorcycle is small and lightweight- toss it in your car and take to the park, grandma’s house, even a local school’s walking track!
  7. The best thing of all? The smile on my daughter’s face. You just can’t beat that.

I am really excited to give one of you a Step 2 Motorcycle!
Leave a comment and tell me your tot’s favorite toy. Make sure to include an email address so I can get a hold of you!

You might be wondering, can I have extra entries??? Why of course!!!

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Good Luck!!! Contest ends 12:00 noon (mountain time) on October 5, 2009. Winner will be announced later that day.

Happy Teaching!

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102 thoughts on “Step 2 Motorcycle Review and Giveaway

  1. julie

    My 18-month-old loves her koala plush toy. My 3-year old says her favorite toy are the hair bows and toy curling iron. My 4-year old says her favorite toy is her leapster, although if I had to guess, I would choose pet shops, because they play with those the most!

  2. mom2three

    Awesome give away! Im with you too cute to get dirty yet..haha!
    I think my kids fav toys is their pretend kitchen stuff. Bella the 5 year old loves her skates and bike.

  3. Teryn

    Oh- my son’s favorite toy is his Thomas trains and track. HOURS of enjoyment. And give me one of those extra entries for being a subscriber through google reader. THANKS!

  4. Nathan Gedge

    My 8 year old’s favorite toy? A book! Yep, that’s right, he loves loves LOVES to read.. My 6 year old loves pet shops and coloring. But her favorite toy is her Chewie dog. She loves to sleep with it every night and can’t go anywhere without it. I think it is her security blanket.. My 16 month old loves BALLS. Any size, any color. She can throw pretty well. She has just learned to climb onto couches and loves to throw them off the couch. She also loves our trampoline.. She can jump pretty well and loves when we throw all the balls onto the tramp, so she can jump with all of them… I love the motorcycle! WAY CUTE.. I know Jackie and how active she is and I bet it helps having toys that you can keep her active with!

  5. crazytown mama

    hmmm… oldests favorite toys are his matchbox cars – even more so when coupled with a ramp of any kind. middle’s fave is anything he can jump on/off – mini trampoline, couch, bed, etc…

    rosa [at] burstable [dot] net

  6. Eva

    What an exciting giveaway!!

    My daughter’s favourite toy (if you can call it that) right now is her umbrella.. she loves everything about umbrellas and has a sharp eye to spot every one she sees!

  7. Julie

    As a former teacher, now stay-at-home mom, I LOVE your blog! Thanks! Anyway, my 2 year old daughter LOVES her babies. We put them to bed, change their diapers, give them baths, and pretend that they are sleeping!

  8. Christine

    My girls love to play with their kitchen set and their babies. The boys still love legos.
    I know a 2 and half year old that would love this motorcycle!
    Christine @ Live to Learn

  9. Michelle C

    My 2 year olds favorite toy right now is his Take Along Thomas and Friends and His little Lightning Mcqueen…they go everywhere.

    My 1 year old loves playing with blocks and his Matchbox cars 🙂

    Michelle C

  10. Nicki

    One of Pufferfish’s favorite toys right now is something I found at Goodwill for three bucks… a small easel that has a chalkboard on one side and a white erase board on the other. I bought some dry erase markers and set her free, and she can play for hours! ANother of her favorite toys is a bucket of small decorative pebbles, and several cups and bowls and spoons, that I bought at the Dollar Store. (Yeah she does have regular toys, but I think she’d rather play with things that it SEEMS like she shouldn’t be playing with!)

  11. Dawn

    My son’s favorite toy is a Leapfrog Ride-on Choo Choo that we are borrowing from a friend. He’s been riding it every day for about 6 months. He’ll be so sad when we have to return in it next month when our friend’s little girl is ready for it!

  12. Anonymous

    My son’s favorite toy right now is his wooden train track, but it changes often…a couple of weeks ago it was a little yellow school bus his grandpa bought him. He would love to play with that motorcycle! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

    jnanjnw25511 at yahoo dot com


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