How To Get Ready for Halloween Night using Little People

I am back! Trusty old laptop is back from the cord accident and just waiting on my imac’s new hard drive to be finished and we will be 100% back to blogging!
Like many of you, I grew up playing with Little People. I spent hours and hours playing with them and now I am enjoying sharing this experience with my daughter! Of course a teacher can’t just play without sneaking in a lesson or two! Using Little People (or other dolls, stuffed animals, etc) you can teach your little one a lot about life skills! We have discussed sharing (when there is only one car, then the two people have to take turns), sleeping in a big girl bed vs sleeping with mommy and daddy (we are struggling w/Boo waking up @ night and wanting to come sleep w/us so I pulled out the Little People and we did some role playing!) Other ideas we haven’t done YET are the steps in going to the potty, what to do after you are finished eating at the table, taking care of pets, … the list could go on forever!

Here is a video clip of our most recent life skills lesson…. practicing trick or treating! (it’s an important part of one’s life, right?) Enjoy!

Happy “TOY” Teaching!

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